Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
create_a_post Create a post 创建新帖子
create_post Create Post 创建帖子
number_of_posts {{formattedCount}} Post {{count}} 个帖子
posts Posts 帖子
related_posts These posts might be related 这些帖子可能相关
cross_posts This link has also been posted to: 此链接也已发布到:
cross_post cross-post 转发
cross_posted_to cross-posted to: 转发到:
cross_posted_from cross-posted from: 同時发布自:
comments Comments 评论
number_of_comments {{formattedCount}} Comment {{count}} 条评论
remove_comment Remove Comment 移除评论
remove_content Remove Content
remove_content_more Remove Posts, Comments, and Communities
comment_here Type here to comment...
communities Communities 社群
users Users 用户
create_a_community Create a Community 创建新社群
select_a_community Select a Community 选择一个社群
create_community Create Community 创建社群
remove_community Remove Community 移除社群
explore_communities Explore Communities
subscribed_to_communities Subscribed to <1>communities</1> 订阅新<1>社群</1>
trending_communities Trending <1>communities</1> 热门<1>社群</1>
trending Trending
list_of_communities List of communities 社群列表
number_of_communities {{formattedCount}} Community {{count}} 社群
community_reqs lowercase, underscores, and no spaces. 小写字母、下划线(_)且不含空格。
invalid_community_name Invalid name. 无效名称。
create_private_message Create Private Message 创建私人消息
send_secure_message Send Secure Message 发送安全消息
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
both Both 全部
browser_default Browser Default 浏览器默认语言
by by
cake_day_info It's {{ creator_name }}'s cake day today! 今天是 {{ creator_name }}的蛋糕日!
cake_day_title Cake day: 蛋糕日:
cancel Cancel 取消
captcha Captcha 验证码
captcha_incorrect Captcha incorrect. 验证码不正确。
change_password Change Password
chat Chat 聊天
click_to_delete_picture Click to delete picture. 点击删除图片。
code Code 代码
collapse Collapse 折叠
comment_here Type here to comment...
comments Comments 评论
communities Communities 社群
community Community 社群
community_already_exists Community already exists. 社群已存在。
community_ban You have been banned from this community. 你已被此社群拉黑。
community_creation_admin_only Only Admins can create Communities
community_follower_already_exists Community follower already exists. 社群关注者已存在。
community_moderator_already_exists Community moderator already exists. 社群监管人已存在。
community_reqs lowercase, underscores, and no spaces. 小写字母、下划线(_)且不含空格。
community_user_already_banned Community user already banned. 社群用户已被禁止。
copy_suggested_title copy suggested title: {{title}} 复制建议的标题: {{title}}
couldnt_create_comment Couldn't create comment. 无法创建评论。
couldnt_create_post Couldn't create post. 无法创建帖子。
couldnt_create_private_message Couldn't create private message. 无法创建私信。
couldnt_create_report Couldn't create report. 无法创建报告。
couldnt_find_community Couldn't find community. 无法找到社群。


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