You have been banned from the site
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
support_lemmy Support Lemmy 支持 Lemmy
by by
to to 发布到
from from
transfer_community transfer community 转让社群
transfer_site transfer site 站点转让
are_you_sure are you sure? 你确定吗?
yes yes
no no
not_logged_in Not logged in. 未登录。
bio_length_overflow User bio cannot exceed 300 characters. 自我介绍不能超过300个字符。
logged_in Logged in. 已登录。
must_login You must <1>log in or register</1> to comment. 您必须<1>登陆或注册</1>才能评论。
site_saved Site Saved. 网站已保存。
community_ban You have been banned from this community. 你已被此社群拉黑。
site_ban You have been banned from the site 你已被本站拉黑
couldnt_create_comment Couldn't create comment. 无法创建评论。
couldnt_like_comment Couldn't like comment. 无法点赞评论。
couldnt_update_comment Couldn't update comment. 无法更新评论。
couldnt_save_comment Couldn't save comment. 无法保存评论。
couldnt_get_comments Couldn't get comments. 无法获取评论。
no_comment_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit comment. 没有编辑评论的权限。
no_post_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit post. 没有编辑帖子的权限。
no_community_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit community. 没有编辑社群的权限。
couldnt_find_community Couldn't find community. 无法找到社群。
couldnt_update_community Couldn't update Community. 无法更新社群。
community_already_exists Community already exists. 社群已存在。
community_moderator_already_exists Community moderator already exists. 社群监管人已存在。
community_follower_already_exists Community follower already exists. 社群关注者已存在。
community_user_already_banned Community user already banned. 社群用户已被禁止。
couldnt_create_post Couldn't create post. 无法创建帖子。


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You have been banned from the site
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