Sent an Email to reset your password.
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
login_sign_up Login / Sign up 登录/注册
login Login 登录
sign_up Sign Up 注册
notifications_error Desktop notifications not available in your browser. Try Firefox or Chrome. 你的浏览器不支持桌面通知,尝试 Firefox 或 Chrome。
websocket_disconnected Websocket disconnected
websocket_reconnected Websocket reconnected
unread_messages Unread Messages 未读消息
messages Messages 信息
password Password 密码
change_password Change Password
password_changed Password Changed.
invalid_password Invalid password. Password must be <= 60 characters. 密码无效。密码长度必须小于60个字符。
verify_password Verify Password 确认密码
old_password Old Password 当前密码
forgot_password forgot password 忘记密码
reset_password_mail_sent Sent an Email to reset your password. 发送邮件重置密码。
password_change Password Change 修改密码
new_password New Password 新密码
no_email_setup This server hasn't correctly set up email. 此服务器还未正确设定邮箱。
email Email 邮箱
matrix_user_id Matrix User Matrix用户
invalid_matrix_id Invalid matrix id. Must be @user:instance.tld 无效的Matrix ID,必须为@user:instance.tld
private_message_disclaimer Warning: Private messages in Lemmy are not secure. Please create an account on <1></1> for secure messaging. 警告:Lemmy的私信功能并不安全。想要进行安全的信息传递,请在 <1></1>上创建账号。
send_notifications_to_email Send notifications to Email 向邮箱发送通知
optional Optional 选项
expires Expires 过期
language Language 语言
browser_default Browser Default 浏览器默认语言
downvotes_disabled Downvotes disabled 踩已禁用
enable_downvotes Enable Downvotes 启用踩功能
upvote Upvote 点赞


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Sent an Email to reset your password.
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