Invalid post title
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
admin_already_created Sorry, there's already an admin. 抱歉,管理员已存在。
user_already_exists User already exists. 用户已存在。
email_already_exists Email already exists. 邮箱已占用。
couldnt_update_user Couldn't update user. 无法更新用户。
system_err_login System error. Try logging out and back in. 系统错误。请尝试注销后重新登入。
couldnt_create_private_message Couldn't create private message. 无法创建私信。
no_private_message_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit private message. 没有编辑私信的权限。
couldnt_update_private_message Couldn't update private message. 无法更新私信。
time Time 时间
action Action 动作
emoji_picker Emoji Picker 选择表情
block_leaving Are you sure you want to leave? 确定要离开吗?
what_is What is 是什么
cake_day_title Cake day: 蛋糕日:
cake_day_info It's {{ creator_name }}'s cake day today! 今天是 {{ creator_name }}的蛋糕日!
invalid_post_title Invalid post title 帖子标题无效
invalid_url Invalid URL. URL无效。
play_captcha_audio Play Captcha Audio 播放验证码音频
bio Bio 简介
instances Instances 实例
linked_instances Linked Instances 实例链接
allowed_instances Allowed Instances 允许实例
blocked_instances Blocked Instances 封锁实例
blocked_users Blocked Users
block_user Block user
blocked_communities Blocked Communities
blocked Blocked
unblocked Unblocked
block_community Block community
unblock_user Unblock user
unblock_community Unblock community
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
expand_here Expand here 展开
expires Expires 过期
explore_communities Explore Communities
forgot_password forgot password 忘记密码
formatting_help formatting help 格式化帮助
from from
header header 标题行
hot Hot 最热
icon Icon 图标
inbox Inbox 收件箱
inbox_for Inbox for <1>{{user}}</1> <1>{{user}}</1> 收件箱
instances Instances 实例
invalid_community_name Invalid name. 无效名称。
invalid_matrix_id Invalid matrix id. Must be @user:instance.tld 无效的Matrix ID,必须为@user:instance.tld
invalid_password Invalid password. Password must be <= 60 characters. 密码无效。密码长度必须小于60个字符。
invalid_post_title Invalid post title 帖子标题无效
invalid_url Invalid URL. URL无效。
invalid_username Invalid username. 用户名无效。
italic italic 斜体
join_lemmy Join Lemmy 加入 Lemmy
joined Joined 已加入
language Language 语言
leave_mod_team leave mod team 离开仲裁团队
lemmy_instance_setup Lemmy Instance Setup 设置Lemmy实例
lemmy_ml_registration_message Before you register on, please have a look at <1>Joinlemmy</1> to see if there is an instance that better fits your region, language or interests. Lemmy is federated, so you can interact with everything that you see on, even if you are registered on another instance.
link link 链接
linked_instances Linked Instances 实例链接
list list 列表
list_of_communities List of communities 社群列表
local Local 本地


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