Key English Indonesian State
both Both Dua-duanya
browser_default Browser Default Bawaan Peramban
by by oleh
cake_day_info It's {{ creator_name }}'s cake day today! Hari ini merupakan hari kuenya {{ creator_name }}!
cake_day_title Cake day: Hari kue:
cancel Cancel Batal
captcha Captcha Captcha
captcha_incorrect Captcha incorrect. Captcha salah.
change_password Change Password Ubah Kata Sandi
chat Chat Obrolan
click_to_delete_picture Click to delete picture. Klik untuk menghapus gambar.
code Code Kode
collapse Collapse Perkecil
comments Comments Komentar
communities Communities Komunitas-komunitas
community Community Komunitas
community_already_exists Community already exists. Komunitas sudah ada.
community_ban You have been banned from this community. Anda sudah terlarang dari komunitas ini.
community_creation_admin_only Only Admins can create Communities Hanya Para Admin yang bisa membuat Komunitas
community_follower_already_exists Community follower already exists. Pengikut komunitas sudah ada.
community_moderator_already_exists Community moderator already exists. Moderator komunitas sudah ada.
community_reqs lowercase, underscores, and no spaces. huruf kecil, garis bawah, dan tidak ada spasi.
community_user_already_banned Community user already banned. Pengguna komunitas sudah terlarang.
copy_suggested_title copy suggested title: {{title}} salin judul yang disarankan: {{title}}
couldnt_create_comment Couldn't create comment. Tidak bisa membuat komentar.
couldnt_create_post Couldn't create post. Tidak bisa membuat pos.
couldnt_create_private_message Couldn't create private message. Tidak bisa membuat pesan pribadi.
couldnt_create_report Couldn't create report. Tidak bisa membuat laporan.
couldnt_find_community Couldn't find community. Tidak bisa menemukan komunitas.
couldnt_find_parent_comment Couldn't find parent comment. Tidak bisa menemukan komentar induk.


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