Post title too long.
Key English Hindi State
couldnt_create_comment Couldn't create comment. टिप्पणी (कमेंट) नहीं बना पाईं |
couldnt_like_comment Couldn't like comment.
couldnt_update_comment Couldn't update comment.
couldnt_save_comment Couldn't save comment.
couldnt_get_comments Couldn't get comments.
no_comment_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit comment.
no_post_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit post.
no_community_edit_allowed Not allowed to edit community.
couldnt_find_community Couldn't find community. समुदायों नहीं ढूंढ़ पाएं |
couldnt_update_community Couldn't update Community.
community_already_exists Community already exists. यह समुदाय पहले स मौजूद है |
community_moderator_already_exists Community moderator already exists.
community_follower_already_exists Community follower already exists.
community_user_already_banned Community user already banned.
couldnt_create_post Couldn't create post.
post_title_too_long Post title too long.
couldnt_like_post Couldn't like post.
couldnt_find_post Couldn't find post. पोस्ट नहीं ढूंढ़ पाएं |
couldnt_get_posts Couldn't get posts
couldnt_update_post Couldn't update post
couldnt_save_post Couldn't save post.
couldnt_mark_post_as_read Couldn't mark post as read.
couldnt_find_parent_comment Couldn't find parent comment.
parent_comment_not_in_post The parent comment belongs to another post.
no_slurs No slurs.
not_an_admin Not an admin.
not_a_moderator Not a moderator.
not_a_mod_or_admin Not a moderator or admin.
site_already_exists Site already exists.
site_description_length_overflow Site description cannot exceed 150 characters.
couldnt_update_site Couldn't update site.


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