Only admins can create communities
Key English Hindi State
mod mod मध्यस्थ
mods mods मध्यस्थों
moderates Moderates
settings Settings समायोजन (सेटिंग्स)
admin_settings Admin Settings प्रशासक समायोजन (सेटिंग्स)
profile Profile
site_config Site Configuration साइड कॉन्फ़िगरेशन
remove_as_mod remove as mod मध्यथ के स्थान से हटाएँ
appoint_as_mod appoint as mod मध्यथ के रूप में नियुक्त करें
leave_mod_team leave mod team
modlog Modlog
admin admin प्रशासक
admins admins प्रशासकों
remove_as_admin remove as admin प्रशासक के स्थान से हटाएँ
appoint_as_admin appoint as admin प्रशासक के रूप में नियुक्त करें
only_admins_can_create_communities Only admins can create communities
remove remove हटाएँ
removed removed by mod हटाए गए
locked locked बंद
stickied stickied
reason Reason कारण
mark_as_read mark as read
mark_as_unread mark as unread
delete delete
deleted deleted by creator
delete_account Delete Account
delete_account_confirm Warning: this will permanently delete all of your data from this instance. Your data may not be deleted on other, existing instances. Enter your password to confirm.
click_to_delete_picture Click to delete picture.
picture_deleted Picture deleted.
restore restore
ban ban


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