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Key English Irish State
couldnt_save_post Couldn't save post. Níorbh fhéidir an post a shábháil.
couldnt_update_comment Couldn't update comment. Níorbh fhéidir trácht a nuashonrú.
couldnt_update_community Couldn't update Community. Níorbh fhéidir an Pobal a nuashonrú.
couldnt_update_post Couldn't update post Níorbh fhéidir an post a nuashonrú
couldnt_update_private_message Couldn't update private message. Níorbh fhéidir teachtaireacht phríobháideach a nuashonrú.
couldnt_update_site Couldn't update site. Níorbh fhéidir an suíomh a nuashonrú.
couldnt_update_user Couldn't update user. Níorbh fhéidir an t-úsáideoir a nuashonrú.
create create cruthaigh
create_a_community Create a community Cruthaigh Pobal
create_a_post Create a post Cruthaigh Postáil
create_community Create Community Cruthaigh Pobal
create_post Create Post Cruthaigh Postáil
create_private_message Create Private Message Cruthaigh Teachtaireacht Phríobháideach
creator creator cruthaitheoir
cross_post cross-post tras-phost
cross_posted_from cross-posted from:
cross_posted_to cross-posted to: tras-phostáilte chuig:
cross_posts This link has also been posted to: Cuireadh an nasc seo sa phost freisin chuig:
day day
delete delete scriosadh
delete_account Delete Account Scrios Cuntas
delete_account_confirm Warning: this will permanently delete all your data. Enter your password to confirm. Rabhadh: scriosfaidh sé seo do chuid sonraí go buan. Iontráil do phasfhocal le deimhniú.
deleted deleted by creator scriosta ag cruthaitheoir
description Description
display_name Display name Ainm taispeána
display_name_explain Display name — shown as the title on the community's page, can be changed. Ainm taispeána — a thaispeántar mar an teideal ar leathanach an phobail, is féidir é a athrú.
docs Docs Doic
downvote Downvote Síosvótáil
downvotes_disabled Downvotes disabled Síosvótaí faoi mhíchumas
edit edit cuir in eagar


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