Key English German State
create_post Create Post Beitrag anlegen
number_of_posts {{count}} Post {{count}} Beitrag
posts Posts Beiträge
related_posts These posts might be related Diese Beiträge könnten verwandt sein
cross_posts This link has also been posted to: Dieser Link wurde auch veröffentlicht unter:
cross_post cross-post Crosspost
cross_posted_to cross-posted to: Crossgeposted auf:
cross_posted_from cross-posted from:
comments Comments Kommentare
number_of_comments {{count}} Comment {{count}} Kommentar
remove_comment Remove Comment Kommentar löschen
remove_content Remove Content
remove_content_more Remove Posts, Comments, and Communities
comment_here Type here to comment...
communities Communities Communitys
users Users Benutzer
create_a_community Create a Community Eine Community anlegen
select_a_community Select a Community Wähle eine Community aus
create_community Create Community Community erstellen
remove_community Remove Community Community entfernen
explore_communities Explore Communities
subscribed_to_communities Subscribed to <1>communities</1> Abonnierte <1>Communitys</1>
trending_communities Trending <1>communities</1> Populäre <1>Communitys</1>
trending Trending
list_of_communities List of communities Liste von Communitys
number_of_communities {{count}} Community {{count}} Community
community_reqs lowercase, underscores, and no spaces. Kleinbuchstaben, Großbuchstaben und keine Leerzeichen.
invalid_community_name Invalid name. Ungültiger Name.
create_private_message Create Private Message Privatnachricht erstellen
send_secure_message Send Secure Message Sichere Nachricht absenden
send_message Send Message Nachricht absenden
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Lemmy/lemmy
The following string has a different source, but the same context.
Not translated Lemmy/joinlemmy


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