List of communities
Key English German State
invalid_matrix_id Invalid matrix id. Must be @user:instance.tld
invalid_password Invalid password. Password must be <= 60 characters. Ungültiges Passwort. Das Passwort muss <= 60 Zeichen enthalten.
invalid_post_title Invalid post title Ungültiger Post Titel
invalid_url Invalid URL. Ungültige URL.
invalid_username Invalid username. Ungültiger Benutzername.
italic italic kursiv
join_lemmy Join Lemmy
joined Joined beigetreten
language Language Sprache
leave_mod_team leave mod team Moderationsteam verlassen
lemmy_instance_setup Lemmy Instance Setup Lemmy-Instanz einrichten
lemmy_ml_registration_message Before you register on, please have a look at <1>Joinlemmy</1> to see if there is an instance that better fits your region, language or interests. Lemmy is federated, so you can interact with everything that you see on, even if you are registered on another instance.
link link link
linked_instances Linked Instances Verknüpfte Instanzen
list list Liste
list_of_communities List of communities Liste von Communitys
local Local Lokal
local_description Shows only local communities
lock lock sperren
locked locked gesperrt
logged_in Logged in. Eingeloggt.
login Login Einloggen
login_sign_up Login / Sign up Einloggen / Registrieren
logout Logout Ausloggen
mark_all_as_read mark all as read Alle als gelesen markieren
mark_as_read mark as read als gelesen markieren
mark_as_unread mark as unread als ungelesen markieren
matrix_user_id Matrix User Matrix Benutzer
mentions Mentions Erwähnung
message Message Nachricht


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Translation changed

Lemmy / lemmyGerman

List of communities
Liste von GemeinschiftenCommunitys
a year ago
User avatar hagelslaghonig

Translation changed

Lemmy / lemmyGerman

List of communities
Liste von communitiesGemeinschiften
a year ago
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