Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
lemmy_title Lemmy - A link aggregator for the fediverse Lemmy - 一個聯邦宇宙的鏈路聚合
live_updates Live Updates 線上更新
live_updates_desc New comments and posts stream in to your front page and inbox; No more page refreshes required.
mod_tools Powerful Mod Tools
mod_tools_desc Each server can set its own moderation policy, to help foster a healthy environment where all can feel comfortable contributing. 每個伺服器能訂立屬於自己的管理原則,幫助營造一個所有人都能舒適做出貢獻的健康環境。
month month
more_features More Features
notifications_including Notifications, including via email.
nsfw_support NSFW post / community support.
open_source Open Source 開放原始碼
open_source_desc Lemmy is and will always remain free, <1>open source</1> software, using the strong <2>copyleft</2> <3>AGPL License</3>. Lemmy現在及未來永遠保持免費, <1>開放原始碼</1>軟體,使用堅實的 <2>公共版權</2> <3>通用公眾授權</3>.
rss_feeds RSS / Atom feeds for <1>All</1>, <2>Subscribed</2>, <3>Inbox</3>, <4>User</4>, and <5>Community</5>.
run_a_server Run a Server 架設一個伺服器
self_hostable Self hostable, easy to deploy, via <1>Docker</1>, or <2>Ansible</2>.
silver_sponsors_desc Silver Sponsors are those that pledged $40 to Lemmy.
sponsors Sponsors 贊助者
support Support
support_donate Support / Donate
support_lemmy Support Lemmy
support_on_liberapay Support on Liberapay
support_on_opencollective Support on OpenCollective
support_on_patreon Support on Patreon
support_title Lemmy - Support
thanks_coders A special thanks to our coders:
thanks_translators A special thanks to our translators:
themes_including Themes, including light, dark, and solarized.
user_tagging User tagging using <1>@</1>, Community tagging using <2>!</2>.
users users
web_apps Web Apps


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