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donate_desc Lemmy is free, open-source software, meaning no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital, ever. <1>Your donations</1> directly support full-time development of the project.
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silver_sponsors_desc Silver Sponsors are those that pledged $40 to Lemmy.
general_sponsors_desc General Sponsors are those that pledged $10 to $39 to Lemmy.
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about_title About Lemmy
about_text <1>The idea to make Lemmy was a combination of factors.</1><2>Open source developers like myself have long watched the rise of the “Big Five”, the US tech giants that have managed to capture nearly all the world’s everyday communication into their hands. We’ve been asking ourselves why people have moved away from content-focused sites, and what we can do to subvert this trend, in a way that is easily accessible to a non-tech focused audience.</2><3>The barriers to entry on the web, are much lower than say in the physical world: all it takes is a computer and some coding knowhow… yet the predominating social media firms have been able to stave off competition for at least two reasons: their sites are easy to use, and they have huge numbers of users already (the “first mover” advantage). The latter is more important; if you’ve ever tried to get someone to use a different chat app, you’ll know what I mean.</3><4>Now I loved early reddit, not just for the way that it managed to put all the news for the communities and topics I wanted to see in a single place, but for the discussion trees behind every link posted. I still have many of these saved, and have gained so much more from the discussion behind the links, than I have from the links themselves. In my view, its the community-focused, tree-like discussions, as well as the ability to make, grow, and curate communities, that has made reddit the 5th most popular site in the US, and where so many people around the world get their news.</4><5>But that ship sailed years ago; the early innovative spirit of reddit left with Aaron Schwartz: its libertarian founders have allowed some of the most racist and sexist online communities to fester on reddit for years, only occasionally removing them only when community outcry reaches a fever pitch. Reddit closed its source code years ago, and the reddit redesign has become a bloated anti-privacy mess.</5><6>Its become absorbed into that silicon valley surveillance-capitalist machine that commidifies users to sell ads and paid flairs, and propagandizes pro-US interests above all. Software technology being one of the last monopoly exports the US has, it would be naive to think that one of the top 5 most popular social media sites, where so many people around the world get their news, would be anything other than a mouthpiece for the interests of those same US coastal tech firms.</6><7>Despite the conservative talking point that big tech is dominated by “leftist propaganda”, it is liberal, and pro-US, not left (leftism referring to the broad category of anti-capitalism). Reddit has banned its share of leftist users and communities, and the reddit admins via announcement posts repeatedly villify the US’s primary foreign-policy enemies as having “bot campaigns”, and “manipulating reddit”, yet the default reddit communities (/r/news, /r/pics, etc), who share a small number of moderators, push a line consistent with US foreign-policy interests. The aptly named /r/copaganda subreddit has exposed the pro-police propaganda that always seems to hit reddit’s front page in the wake of every tragedy involving US police killing the innocent (or showing police kissing puppies, even though US police kill ~ 30 dogs every day, which researchers have called a “noted statistical phenomenon”).</7><8>We’ve also seen a rise in anti-China posts that have hit reddit lately, and along with that comes anti-chinese racism, which reddit tacitly encourages. That western countries are seeing a rise in attacks against Asian-Americans, just as some of the perpetrators of several hate-crimes against women were found to be redditors active in mens-rights reddit communities, is not lost on us, and we know where these tech companies really stand when it comes to violence and hate speech. Leftists know that our position on these platforms is tenable at best; we’re currently tolerated, but that will not always be the case.</8><9>The idea for making a reddit alternative seemed pointless, until Mastodon (a federated twitter alternative), started becoming popular. Using activitypub (a protocol / common language that social media services can use to speak to each other), we finally have a solution to the “first mover” advantage: now someone can build or run a small site, but still be connected to a wider universe of users.</9><10>Nutomic and I originally made Lemmy to fill the role as a federated alternative to reddit, but as it grows, it has the potential become a main source of news and discussion, existing outside of the US’s jurisdictional domain and control.</10><11>Written by Dessalines, December 2020.</11>
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emojis_autocomplete Emojis with autocomplete support. Start typing <1>:</1>
follow_communities Follow communities anywhere in the world 關注來自世界各地的社群
footer_desc Made with <1>Inferno</1> and <2>Chota</2>
full_vote_scores Full vote scores <1>(+/-)</1> like old Reddit.
general_sponsors_desc General Sponsors are those that pledged $10 to $39 to Lemmy.
i18n_support <1>i18n / internationalization support for > 30 languages.</1>
instance_totals The lemmyverse currently has {{instances}} instances, and {{users}} users.
integrated_image_uploading Integrated image uploading in both posts and comments.
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lemmy Lemmy Lemmy
lemmy_apps Lemmy Apps
lemmy_desc A link aggregator for the fediverse. 一個聯邦宇宙的鏈路聚合。
lemmy_long_desc <1>Lemmy</1> is similar to sites like <2>Reddit</2>, <3></3>, or <4>Hacker News</4>: you subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them. Lemmy isn't just a reddit alternative; its a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create <5>a single, personalized front page</5> of your favorite news, articles, and memes.
lemmy_servers Lemmy servers
lemmy_title Lemmy - A link aggregator for the fediverse Lemmy - 一個聯邦宇宙的鏈路聚合
live_updates Live Updates 線上更新
live_updates_desc New comments and posts stream in to your front page and inbox; No more page refreshes required.
mod_tools Powerful Mod Tools
mod_tools_desc Each server can set its own moderation policy, to help foster a healthy environment where all can feel comfortable contributing. 每個伺服器能訂立屬於自己的管理原則,幫助營造一個所有人都能舒適做出貢獻的健康環境。
month month
more_features More Features
notifications_including Notifications, including via email.
nsfw_support NSFW post / community support.
open_source Open Source 開放原始碼
open_source_desc Lemmy is and will always remain free, <1>open source</1> software, using the strong <2>copyleft</2> <3>AGPL License</3>. Lemmy現在及未來永遠保持免費, <1>開放原始碼</1>軟體,使用堅實的 <2>公共版權</2> <3>通用公眾授權</3>.
rss_feeds RSS / Atom feeds for <1>All</1>, <2>Subscribed</2>, <3>Inbox</3>, <4>User</4>, and <5>Community</5>.
run_a_server Run a Server 架設一個伺服器
self_hostable Self hostable, easy to deploy, via <1>Docker</1>, or <2>Ansible</2>.


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