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Lemmy / joinlemmyEnglish

8 days ago
User avatar dessalines

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Lemmy / joinlemmyEnglish

Resource update 2 months ago
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Comment added

Lemmy / joinlemmyEnglish

This string is a bit weird, in my opinion. "you can easily host your own server, and all these servers are federated"; wouldn't it be better to write something like "you can easily host your own server, which can federate with all other servers (think email), and connect to the same universe, called the Fediverse"? I've modified the string in Portuguese (pt-PT) to something along those lines. Let me know what you think.

2 months ago
User avatar admin

Comment added

Lemmy / joinlemmyEnglish

Reddit, Lobsters and HN are all quite English-centric sites (or even exclusively English). If there are similar sites which re amore commonly known in your language, please substitute them as examples.

I hope everyone sees this message, cause I dont know how weblate works.

8 months ago
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Lemmy / joinlemmyEnglish

Resource update 8 months ago
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